9/11 in Kabul, Afghanistan

My post from 4 years ago while in Kabul, Afghanistan during 9/11. I think about that night often.

Story of My Life

Twelve years ago today America changed. We weren’t looking to change, we didn’t necessarily want to change, but it’s a change we were forced to go through. We will never be the same again. I’ve followed all the posts today on Facebook in my news feed about all the remembrances, the pictures, the support for both the victims of the attack and the Service Members still fighting a war that’s supposed to be winding down.

As 9/11 approached, we double checked ourselves, made sure everything was good, and stayed vigilant. No worries. We’ve been doing this for a long time. But I think what happened today caught everyone off guard. No one saw this coming.

As I came out the door of the building to throw a box in the dumpster I could hear the commotion on the streets outside the walls of our compound. It was after dark. I…

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2 thoughts on “9/11 in Kabul, Afghanistan

  1. I like beards….I used to not, but now it’s like they drive me crazy….! I guess since I discovered my Dad is Jewish beards have grown on me, in fact, I hardly notice a man unless he has one…., but I still notice them.

    I love chai tea, red beans and rice, and usually men named Dave or David fall for me ….there must be a connection or something somewhere ages ago….in our genes somewhere I mean.

    And purple! I’ve always loved purple but I do believe blue takes presidense right now.

    (I’m also not so great a speller.)



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