Tourist at War

During both my deployments I took a bunch of pictures. Between Iraq and Afghanistan, I think I took around 9,000 pictures. Most of what I took were pictures to raise morale. I would post them on Facebook for all our families to see that despite being at war, we could still manage a smile or have fun when permitted. I think most of the people I deployed with can attest to the fact that I always made the best of any situation and tried to help others feel at ease or make their day better. One way I could do that was to share ‘happy’ pictures. It was good for the troops and good for the families back home.

Sometimes during my time in Afghanistan, even though we had jobs to do and missions to take care of, I felt like a tourist. I was fortunate to get to travel extensively throughout the war torn country. I met forces from at least a dozen countries and saw many amazing things, including some remnants from when Russia invaded Afghanistan. I ate at the United States Embassy. I flew on a British C-130, that was an amazing ride. I walked in the streets of Kabul from my base to ISAF (International Security Assistance Forces). At one base, my partner in crime and I found our way to the extreme perimeter where the towers were. We hung out with the South Korean troops doing tower duty. Even though there was much danger when we traveled, I found it exciting. I miss that excitement. I miss the adventure.

As it turns out, the pictures were not only for my fellow Soldiers and families, but they are helping me with my memory. When I look through my pictures I can remember a story or mission, or even how many times we got bombed at a particular base while visiting it. I can look at some pictures and remember details that can’t even be seen in the pictures. I can remember people I met. Sometimes I can remember what I had for lunch that day, just by looking at a picture. The memory is a funny thing sometimes.

Here’s a few pics from Afghanistan and a little caption to go with each.


Being in the mountains, we got our share of snow.  We got together during our lunch break one day, made snowmen, slid down a hill using cardboard boxes as sleds, and finished with a snowball fight.  It was an hour of forgetting where we were and having fun.


On the western end of Afghanistan are remnants of a previous war.


My roommate getting a much deserved promotion.


Our fearless drive team.  Consummate professionals.

Running flags up the pole after the duty day to send home to our families.

On the left, we visited the South Koreans in a guard tower.  On the right, always great to run into good friends while I traveled around Afghanistan.

These pictures are a small sample of the people I served with and places I visited on missions all over Afghanistan.  These pictures are good for helping me remember things from deployment.  More specifically, it helps me remember the better things from deployment.  I have enough things I remember that weren’t so good.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post.  If you want to see more pictures you can find me on Facebook.  Thanks for checking out Story of My Life.  Good day, God bless.




10 thoughts on “Tourist at War

  1. What a delightful entry! I especially like the title ~ rather unique. I enjoyed reading about your covert explorations; it enables the reader to see a different “slice” of the war other than what the media presents. It also shows that ven during the worst of times people can find a way to boost morale, have some fun, and simply enjoy the moment. I’ve found that in life we have to seek a bit of humor in dark situations because it keeps us going. You’ve conveyed that beautifully with the pictures you shared. Smiling faces in some, proud faces in others. Thank you ~ I REALLY enjoyed reading this!

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  2. David, I really enjoyed this entry. I can see the David I knew, and it makes me smile. I ong to sit and talk and listen to my Son. Come up and show me your pictures, and talk to me about your service to our Country. Come up and just relax and visit. I love you my Son, Pop

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  3. Awesome blog with diverse insight viewing of war. It is wonderful to read your good memories on heartfelt experiences. I do hope you keep writing and that one day I can find you in a book store signing autographs. You definitely have the gift of presentation for a book! Love Ya

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