Chapter 6 Complete

This week I finished chapter 6 of the book I’m writing. This process is taking much longer than I anticipated when I started a little more than a year and a half ago. The first four chapters seemed to flow effortlessly. Then life, writer’s block, work, and occasional laziness with my writing project each took turns keeping me from the keyboard. I started this project in February 2016. I feel like I should be further along by now. To be honest, I thought I would be done and on my second novel at this point.

I seem to lack the discipline in using my time wisely to write like I had in the beginning of this project. My motivation I once had is not as consistent as it once was. I come up with some wonderful “writing” in my head most days while I’m at work or hanging out with my kids, but I fail to follow through by putting the words down. I’ve probably written two or three books in my head in the last year. But, for the most part, I still make time to write to my blog weekly. That is something important to me because I made it part of my personal therapy after coming out of the lowest point in my life a couple years ago.

Sometimes I go back through my blog posts and read again what I was going through at a particular time. For some of the posts, I see the title and can recall everything about the piece I wrote. For a few of them, I need to read every word again to remember what was going on in my head. I find some of my posts still very powerful. Some of them remind me the dark place I was once at in my life. Some of them remind me of victories or progress I have made. Many of them make me smile. And there’s a couple of them that are just bad writing. But in keeping with my effort to post weekly, that will happen sometimes. (That might be happening now since I didn’t really have anything prepared!)

I did have more I wanted to write this week, but sometimes life dictates how much I get done here. And that’s ok. I’m living life and sometimes that means I don’t get to write as much as I would like. I do need to be more aware of that, when life really does slow me down, and not just use it as an excuse sometimes when I’m staying up until one in the morning watching reruns on television. In my defense, sometimes that’s my only time to decompress and relax.

I don’t know if my book will ever be published, assuming I finish it. I have already looked at some options. All the traditional publishers want a finished product. I don’t think vanity publishing will be the way to go. There are some self-publishing options online that are interesting. But I’ve always envisioned my work being printed. I guess I need to finish it first. I’m about half way done. I WILL get started on chapter 7 this coming week. Stay tuned for more updates. And thanks for reading Story of My Life this week. Good day, God bless.


Previously posted excerpts from my book:


8 thoughts on “Chapter 6 Complete

  1. Dave,

    Good news and bad news.

    Bad news first. I started writing my first attempt at a novel in 2007. It is 2017 and it is almost ready to be sent to a real editor. It doesn’t take more time than you think, it takes more years that you dream.

    Even worse news. The first draft will not be readable to anyone not already inside your head so plan on cutting 90% of it at some point.

    Good news. If I have any advice it is this. Writing a novel is like raising kids. There are good days, bad days and most days that you don’t think matter. But after spending years with these words, you will come to love them like your own kids because there is nothing that can compare to the thought of having your words being read by a complete stranger who actually spent their money for the opportunity to read your words. I haven’t experienced that feeling yet, but I will.

    Even better news. You are not on a timeline so don’t rush the process. Trust the process. Embrace the process. Learn how to write. Experiment with different styles of writing. Write comedy, action, romance and factual words. Grown in your new endeavor. Everyday of thinking about the plot is a day spent writing. Every day day dreaming about the character is a productive day of work. There are important threads of your story that you have not dreamed up yet. Let those thoughts run through your mind and play out to their conclusion. Most you won’t like and you will discard it. Some will be important and one will change the entire course of your novel in a fantastic way.

    Best News. Be glad that you have something wonderfully creative going on inside your mind rather than less productive thoughts. The ability to have a creative thought running through my mind has saved my life in more ways than one.

    I am preparing to spending real money on my words and I know I am ready to have it edited by a stranger. I am spent many hours looking down the path towards publishing and you are not wrong for doing that. Please don’t hesitate to ask my anything about writing. I’m not sure I totally understand commas so take what I say with a grain of salt. Seriously, ask anything and I will give you a honest thought.

    Best Wishes and hope this ends in world domination!


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  2. You know what Dave, I would have a very hard time trying to write a novel or any other kind of book. The first problem I’d have is just what to write about? I have enough trouble putting down my thoughts here on WordPress, let alone writing a book. Best wishes to you on your book.

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  3. Thanks for sharing Dave! I can’t even imagine the enormity of committing to a novel. So congrats on that!
    When you have your ideas and cant write them immediately (due to whatever is going on around you when the ideas bloom in your noggin) can you record the ideas as a voice memo for recall later on in your writing process? eh… you probably already considered that.
    Anywho… hang in there! Just live and enjoy life as you can.

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